Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Stray Cat's Hard Life

Popoy was the neighbor's cat. I saw him when he was still a kitten and he would come by to eat with the stray cats we feed.  He was a very friendly cat, he would stay in the garage at times and would never poop or pee. As he got older, he would seldom hang around as he would be looking for female cats at night and sleep only he knew where, during the day. Sadly, as he was no longer a cute kitten, he was left alone on his own.

As it is their instinct, he would get in cat fights and would come to us when he was wounded. We would be worried for him when he wouldn't be back for days. As we cleaned his wounds and gave him medication I had planned to have him neutered and of course, off the streets. He was a strong cat, however, and wouldn't be confined. After one nasty fight, I kept him in a cage so we could give regular medication. I placed an e-collar on him and when I went out the next morning, he was gone! I was thinking how can he get around the streets with an e-collar, he would get run over. Good thing, kind neighbors helped look for him. The e-collar was gone but we were able to retrieve it too, eventually.

We were not giving up on having him neutered and adopted, but the little rascal wouldn't show up for days. And when he did I was usually leaving for work. Then last February, my worst fear happened. Popoy was laying down in the garage and couldn't stand up. He was still a sweet boy when we placed him in a carrier, but he howled in pain when moved. His x-rays showed that his hip was broken and the vet said it would be caused most likely by a beating. This poor, sweet boy was hit so hard, it broke his hip.

Popoy was a survivor, he stayed in the hospital to recuperate. He was under pain management. We were told it would take time and his hip would heal on its own. After just a few days, he was already showing signs of improvement. During visits, he would even try to escape. I also talked to his vet about having him neutered before being released.

He has fully recovered at this time and is one of the biggest and friendliest cats at home. It is a wonder how he still trusts so much after all he's been through.


  1. Awww Popoy glad that he is doing well. Sometimes all they need is a kind home and a loving family to care for them. Yes strays have a hard life good thing there are still people like you who makes sure that they find loving homes. Love you sis and truly blessed to have a good hearted person as my sister.

  2. Love you too! I really appreciate the support and patience with having all these furballs at home. Popoy is so big and handsome now =)

  3. Thanks for your kindness to animals & kitties. I have a good feeling about you.

  4. Thank you wetcloud,that means a lot :)

  5. you are very kind :) some of my kittens' photos > Thanks :)

  6. Hi Chethan, thank you for sharing your pictures, they're so adorable!!! Hope you can send more especially as they grow up :).