Friday, September 23, 2011

Ssshhhh, Kitties Sleeping

"Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a good many ailments, but I never heard of one who suffered from insomnia. " ~Joseph Wood Krutch

These are a few of my favorite photos of my furry babies. It's quite difficult to catch them in action but when they are in deep slumber, they do manage to strike a pose.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Night Peppermint

Each night when I get home I am greeted by the front door by a horde of cats and as expected, in front of them will be this small black and white tuxedo kitten. Sometimes, he would be so impatient, that when I open the door he would go out and we will have this chase in the garage.

I have been with Peppermint from the moment he was born. He was the second of three kittens. At first he was a bit aloof. As time passed, he became confident and started showing his true personality.

How do I start describing this wonderful kitten, thinking about him brings a lump to my throat and at the same time, a smile on my face. Peppermint loved human contact, there was this time that I was grumpy because the cable guy arrived at a time I was resting from a long flight. Whenever he would bend down, Peppermint would jump on his back. I couldn't stop laughing. The cable guy told me I had such friendly cats but I could see in his face he was a bit apprehensive. There was no reason to be, but of course he would not have known that.

And no matter how many cats are sleeping on my lap, he would make a straight line for me and make a place for himself among the others until he would be the only one left. Then he would touch my face with his paw as if to say "thank you". He also likes to jump on us, we have to be quick to catch him or he would be left dangling on our clothes, ouch. Then he would slither up our shoulders and look like a kitty scarf before we can put him down.

Peppermint was so affectionate that when one morning he was just lying on the table, we became worried. He showed no symptoms and the night before we were taking pictures together. This was the time one of my cats, Godiva was confined in the hospital. He was brought to the hospital together with Maxx. They were both confined and they found that he had a fever.

To my shock, the hospital called the next night to tell us that my Peppermint had passed away. I was waiting for traffic to get better before going to visit him, so I was too late to see him and be with him in his last breath. As we hugged him at the clinic, I couldn't believe that my beautiful kitten was gone! The vet talked to us and told us what happened. Peppermint had pneumonia. I was asking her questions and she seemed to have read what was on my mind..."how could I have not known?!". She told us that cats are very secretive, they will not show their weakness. She even said that they don't want their humans to worry. This even made me cry more.

When I get home, I still expect to see Peppermint come running to greet me. I think of all the times he made me laugh and took away some of my worries just by being Peppermint. I miss him terribly and I will always be grateful that this beautiful cat was a part of my life.

Mommy will love you always Peppermint and will never forget you! Sleep tight my baby boy...