Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was like any other day that my brother and I had a snack and were walking home when he said he wanted to buy something in a small store on the way. I decided to wait outside and noticed this small, dirty kitten sitting beside the tire of one of the cars parked. It was a busy road with a lot of jeepneys passing by. At first, the kitten didn't want to come out of her hiding place but after a few coaxing she shyly came forward and seemed like she was asking for food. We picked her up and walked home, with her meowing loudly all the way.

Her eyes looked infected but other than that she was fine and was soon given a clean bill of health by her doctor. We named her Pancake and she quickly answered to her name. After her quarantine period in my brother's room, we introduced her to the rest of the kitty family. She didn't let the others boss her around and it was quite an easy transition for her.

Cats have different personalities, I soon found out that Pancake was the sweet and very sociable people loving kitty. She always jumps on my lap and likes to be carried around like a little child. She would always come to me when I call her. On days that I am very tired I look forward to going home and sure enough Pancake would be there to give me that much needed hug and purrs.