Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Galaxy - A Tiny Kitten With A Big Heart

I woke up early morning last October 3, a usual work day and I saw there was a text message on my phone. It was from my brother saying "Please text me when you're awake". I must admit I was a little alarmed because it's not the usual message I receive from him. I told him I was awake and he came to my room, talking very slowly. "I saw a kitten last night, he was in distress." It was raining hard the night before. "What did you do?" I asked him. "He was so tiny and it was raining so hard, I placed an umbrella to protect him from the rain." I knew he wasn't finished so I waited for him to continue. "He was in one of the flower pots outside, I could feel something was wrong, so I went back. Some sick a*****e took the umbrella from where I placed it" said my brother. At this point we were taking care of 38 cats plus the stray cats regularly fed outside. I could feel number 39 was just coming, and he said "he's in my room, I made sure to keep him dry and gave him some of your soy milk since we don't have any kitten formula, are you mad?"

How could I get mad at him, when he always sees me bringing home injured and helpless cats and kittens, sometimes even having him as my accomplice. I was proud of him! It's going to be an addition to our budget but the good Lord provides, always. So the first order of things was to get lactose free milk (which he did) and visit the vet. When I got home, we bundled the kitten and went to the doctor. My brother told me that her (we figured she was a girl) butt had a wound and they took maggots from her back the night before. We thought,maybe, there were maggots in the pot. We didn't put two and two together until the doctor saw her. The maggots were coming from her behind and she was confined right away. It was a terrible thing to happen to such a young kitten, she was estimated at only 2 weeks old.

Galaxy in an incubator

If the maggots were not all removed, they would eat her intestines and it would be a painful death. But tiny Galaxy wanted to live, so when I came back the next day, she was all curled up inside the incubator and the nurses told me she would always finish her milk and even ask for more. After 2 more nights, the maggots were gone and her wound had begun healing. She stays with my brother and he and his friends take turns bottle feeding her, giving and applying her medicine and cleaning up after her. She has gained weight and is a fluffy little darling. She just loves to drink her milk, play with us and sleep on the bed. She has her own toy ball and it just makes us laugh watching her play.

It would be a joy to watch her grow into the kitty that she was meant to be.