Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That Special Girl By The Side Of The Road

The day started out as usual, with so many plans for what was going to be a busy day ahead. A lot of things were on my mind. When I left home, I thought to myself, darn I left the carrier again. On my route, as I turned left, lo and behold, a very familiar figure was sitting on the side of the road looking so miserable. Its eyes were shut and my first thought was it was blind, how was it going to survive in the streets. I knew the vet office and pets supplies store in the area. On the way back, with my new carrier, I looked for the white and orange cat. It moved a little nearer the street and was laying down. As I approached I saw that it was a female (she was tricolored) and one of her ears was missing, her eyes were shut and she had scabies. She also had ants walking all over her fur. As I said hello, she looked at my direction and meowed. One lady vendor approached me and asked if I was going to take the cat. I asked if she was the owner. She said no and helped me put her in the carrier. She started to cry and I talked to her as we went along. I noticed that her cries were getting louder. I was so shocked to find her hanging at the back of my head rest, the girl had escaped her carrier! But she seemed frozen on the spot. After a few minutes of maneuvering, scattering my things in the front so she can stay beside me while in the carrier and putting her in the carrier (which was the tricky part), we were on our way. When I woke up this morning, I didn't imagine that I'd be having this adventure. Then she started scratching and all the dander flew all over, thank goodness for my inhaler!

She is now confined at the hospital. She's positive for scabies, ear mites and her blood test showed she has an infection. Good news is that she's not blind. Her blood glucose will also be monitored as results were very high.

She now goes by the name Lychee, she is so sweet and starved for affection. I wanted to hug her but couldn't the way I wanted to at this time as her skin condition is contagious, I have Honey and the cats at home to consider.

She let the doctors examine, poke, clean and extract blood from her without any complaint.

With TLC, she will be a beautiful girl someday (although to me, she is already beautiful and precious). I want her to have a good life and have all the love she wants and needs.

Lychee resting in between tests