Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Galaxy - A Tiny Kitten With A Big Heart

I woke up early morning last October 3, a usual work day and I saw there was a text message on my phone. It was from my brother saying "Please text me when you're awake". I must admit I was a little alarmed because it's not the usual message I receive from him. I told him I was awake and he came to my room, talking very slowly. "I saw a kitten last night, he was in distress." It was raining hard the night before. "What did you do?" I asked him. "He was so tiny and it was raining so hard, I placed an umbrella to protect him from the rain." I knew he wasn't finished so I waited for him to continue. "He was in one of the flower pots outside, I could feel something was wrong, so I went back. Some sick a*****e took the umbrella from where I placed it" said my brother. At this point we were taking care of 38 cats plus the stray cats regularly fed outside. I could feel number 39 was just coming, and he said "he's in my room, I made sure to keep him dry and gave him some of your soy milk since we don't have any kitten formula, are you mad?"

How could I get mad at him, when he always sees me bringing home injured and helpless cats and kittens, sometimes even having him as my accomplice. I was proud of him! It's going to be an addition to our budget but the good Lord provides, always. So the first order of things was to get lactose free milk (which he did) and visit the vet. When I got home, we bundled the kitten and went to the doctor. My brother told me that her (we figured she was a girl) butt had a wound and they took maggots from her back the night before. We thought,maybe, there were maggots in the pot. We didn't put two and two together until the doctor saw her. The maggots were coming from her behind and she was confined right away. It was a terrible thing to happen to such a young kitten, she was estimated at only 2 weeks old.

Galaxy in an incubator

If the maggots were not all removed, they would eat her intestines and it would be a painful death. But tiny Galaxy wanted to live, so when I came back the next day, she was all curled up inside the incubator and the nurses told me she would always finish her milk and even ask for more. After 2 more nights, the maggots were gone and her wound had begun healing. She stays with my brother and he and his friends take turns bottle feeding her, giving and applying her medicine and cleaning up after her. She has gained weight and is a fluffy little darling. She just loves to drink her milk, play with us and sleep on the bed. She has her own toy ball and it just makes us laugh watching her play.

It would be a joy to watch her grow into the kitty that she was meant to be.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Picking Up the Pieces

We were on our way to get a late lunch in early July when we saw a white and orange cat laying on his blood surrounded by people by the road. My brother and I stopped a few feet away and asked them if he was still alive. They said that surely he was going to die already. He was run over by a car. We were quite scared that we would see his insides scattered on the ground. But there was no other choice but to get him and hope for the best. He turned his head to us and made a very weak meow. On the way to the hospital we could hear him gurgling blood, we called ahead so that the doctor would be ready for us when we came in.

He had a broken palate and one of his eye suffered trauma. He had to be stabilized before they could do any x-rays or any more tests and was put on pain killers.

We named him Cheesecake. He was hiding the lower part of his face when we were able to see him. This was late Friday afternoon. My friend Marvie rushed to the hospital to see Cheesecake so he would feel people were rooting for him.

On Saturday I went to see him and his face was so swollen that I couldn't help but cry for him. The nurses assured me that they were doing everything to keep him comfortable. The swelling was to be expected after that much trauma. I spoke with the doctor and she said she will try to insert a tube in his trachea on Tuesday so they can feed him. We had to wait for him stabilize.

On Sunday morning, my brother and I visited him and he was just laying there. We talked to him and he would meow quietly. We returned in the evening when the nurse told us that he was unresponsive. He did try to move his head and meow when we called out to him. Close to midnight, we received another call that he was in a lot of pain. I called Marvie and together with my brother, met in the hospital to see him. We were utterly shocked to see that he had deteriorated in such short amount of time. He was barely recognizable, there was blood in every orifice. His other eye was popping out and had glossed over, staring vacantly. We talked to the doctor on duty and he said that the pain medication were no longer working, they were already giving him the high calibre pain killers. We knew what needed to be done, even if it was breaking our hearts. We went with him when it was time so he wouldn't be alone when he was released from his suffering. We shed tears for the loss of his precious life.

I will never forget the heart wrenching pain I felt for this cat that I barely knew. Some people do not realize the pain and suffering they inflict on another life, but this I saw with my own eyes. They never knew the life they changed, the misery they caused. The rest of us are left to pick up the pieces - the broken bodies and the loss of will to live. I hope that Cheesecake left this world feeling that he was not alone and that he was not worthless. He made an impact in our lives and he will never be forgotten, rest in peace Cheesecake.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I wrote about Blueberry last May, as he was still settling in. It wasn't hard to fall in love with this little guy. He even made our trips to the vet pass by pleasantly as he would weave himself around my neck and hang on like a furry scarf. He was  best friends with one of my grouchy cats. Everybody got along with him and it felt that he had been in our home forever.

He got colds and even after giving him medication and going back for check-ups he still didn't get better. Last July 24, we were heartbroken to find out that he had FIP. For cat parents, this is one of the diseases we fear the most. It has no cure and and eventually fatal. 

Blueberry left us quietly early afternoon yesterday. Last Friday, as I carried him in one of our bonding moments, he held on tightly to my neck. He wouldn't let go and I laid him on my chest as we laid down. I got scared because it was like he was saying goodbye. The next day, he didn't want to be carried anymore as he may be feeling too uncomfortable due to the fluids in his belly.

I think of the good times we had, the laughter and smiles he gave us. I remember him as the little kitty who wouldn't take no for an answer. And I try to console myself thinking that he did get the one thing he wanted - a home.

Love you Blue

Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was like any other day that my brother and I had a snack and were walking home when he said he wanted to buy something in a small store on the way. I decided to wait outside and noticed this small, dirty kitten sitting beside the tire of one of the cars parked. It was a busy road with a lot of jeepneys passing by. At first, the kitten didn't want to come out of her hiding place but after a few coaxing she shyly came forward and seemed like she was asking for food. We picked her up and walked home, with her meowing loudly all the way.

Her eyes looked infected but other than that she was fine and was soon given a clean bill of health by her doctor. We named her Pancake and she quickly answered to her name. After her quarantine period in my brother's room, we introduced her to the rest of the kitty family. She didn't let the others boss her around and it was quite an easy transition for her.

Cats have different personalities, I soon found out that Pancake was the sweet and very sociable people loving kitty. She always jumps on my lap and likes to be carried around like a little child. She would always come to me when I call her. On days that I am very tired I look forward to going home and sure enough Pancake would be there to give me that much needed hug and purrs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Will You Take Me?

This little kitten wandered into our garage one day and never left. I saw him  the evening I got back from a trip out of town. My brother told me that he would just sleep by his doorstep and eat with the other street cats during meal times. He had an infection in one eye and the next day we noticed that the bulge had erupted and there was pus all over his face. We were going to have him checked at the hospital but at that time he was nowhere to be found. We kept looking for him in the streets, but with no results. It turned out he was hiding in my brother's room all this time. I guess he decided that he wanted to be adopted whether we wanted to or not. So on that day, Blueberry found a home. How can we turn away such a determined ball of fluff?

He was a very well behaved cat during his check up. He is still segregated from the others, staying at my brother's room/nursery for orphaned kitties. He's affectionate but can entertain himself while we're doing something else. He 's also quiet, his meows are seldom and very soft. He has grown a lot in the month that he's been with us. His colors are bright and he's put on weight. His eye is getting better, but it looks like it was too late to save it.

Sometimes, I can't help but think that Blue is still proving that he's a good kitty. In time, he will be secure enough to know that he will never go back to the streets.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Been Away For Awhile

Right now at 12:30 in the morning with several of my cats beside me, I have been thinking of the things that have happened since the start of the year. A number of my kitties have been sick, from different ailments. I also lost a little puppy we were trying to save due to distemper. But I also am very thankful that Potato is able to walk now, though he is still limping. He has been neutered and his vaccination shots are complete. Now, I am thinking of how to slowly introduce him to the rest of the clan.

Lychee has made a full recovery from her surgery to address her pyometra problem and her skin condition has improved tremendously. She is a diva with an attitude and we love her dearly.

My precious Tangerine is fighting for his life. He has been diagnosed with FIP. Every day that he is eating and doing his normal litter activity is a miracle. My dear friends, please include him in your prayers. Tomorrow, he is scheduled to have fluids removed from his abdomen. I am so glad that my boy is a fighter. 

Tangerine when he was a kitten 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Wish I Could Have Known You More

How sad it is to see homeless animals everywhere. It is even worse to see them dying right before your eyes. Lychee, my very own puss in boots look alike is home and doing well now. But just yesterday, there was another casualty at the side of the road. As I was going home, there was a cat lying on the side of the road, and it looked lifeless. But from past experience that is not always the case. The animal could be hurt but still alive. I watched for some sign of life and it looked like it was breathing. And upon closer inspection I could see it was, although it was so shallow you'd barely notice. His location was very dangerous, he could get run over at any time. He was near our house, so I asked my Mom to look after him while I got some gloves and a carrier. He had scabies from head to tail. He even had red ants crawling on his body. He looked like he could go any time but how can one just leave him there? I was thinking, if there was nothing more that can be done, at least he will not die a slow and painful death on the street.

We brought him to the hospital and the doctors said they will try to do everything to try and save him. We named him Meatball. I have been playing around with this name in my mind and we needed to give him a name right away. He was severely dehydrated, had respiratory infection, his eyes were shut, had scabies and was skin and bones. At some point in his life, he may have been run over or hit as his jaw was askew. But I was starting to feel hope for the little guy. I was giving updates to my good friend, Marvie. I knew she understood how I felt. She told me that when Meatball gets better, we would look for a good family for him. So he was cleaned up a bit and first thing was to have him hydrated.

Very early this morning, the hospital called us to let us know that Meatball had passed away. I really didn't know him but it hurt just the same. And as I looked as his photo today, I shed tears for this little guy, who tried to hang on but was too weak to make it. So to you Meatball, I want to say, I wish I could have known you more...