Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Will You Take Me?

This little kitten wandered into our garage one day and never left. I saw him  the evening I got back from a trip out of town. My brother told me that he would just sleep by his doorstep and eat with the other street cats during meal times. He had an infection in one eye and the next day we noticed that the bulge had erupted and there was pus all over his face. We were going to have him checked at the hospital but at that time he was nowhere to be found. We kept looking for him in the streets, but with no results. It turned out he was hiding in my brother's room all this time. I guess he decided that he wanted to be adopted whether we wanted to or not. So on that day, Blueberry found a home. How can we turn away such a determined ball of fluff?

He was a very well behaved cat during his check up. He is still segregated from the others, staying at my brother's room/nursery for orphaned kitties. He's affectionate but can entertain himself while we're doing something else. He 's also quiet, his meows are seldom and very soft. He has grown a lot in the month that he's been with us. His colors are bright and he's put on weight. His eye is getting better, but it looks like it was too late to save it.

Sometimes, I can't help but think that Blue is still proving that he's a good kitty. In time, he will be secure enough to know that he will never go back to the streets.

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