Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Wish I Could Have Known You More

How sad it is to see homeless animals everywhere. It is even worse to see them dying right before your eyes. Lychee, my very own puss in boots look alike is home and doing well now. But just yesterday, there was another casualty at the side of the road. As I was going home, there was a cat lying on the side of the road, and it looked lifeless. But from past experience that is not always the case. The animal could be hurt but still alive. I watched for some sign of life and it looked like it was breathing. And upon closer inspection I could see it was, although it was so shallow you'd barely notice. His location was very dangerous, he could get run over at any time. He was near our house, so I asked my Mom to look after him while I got some gloves and a carrier. He had scabies from head to tail. He even had red ants crawling on his body. He looked like he could go any time but how can one just leave him there? I was thinking, if there was nothing more that can be done, at least he will not die a slow and painful death on the street.

We brought him to the hospital and the doctors said they will try to do everything to try and save him. We named him Meatball. I have been playing around with this name in my mind and we needed to give him a name right away. He was severely dehydrated, had respiratory infection, his eyes were shut, had scabies and was skin and bones. At some point in his life, he may have been run over or hit as his jaw was askew. But I was starting to feel hope for the little guy. I was giving updates to my good friend, Marvie. I knew she understood how I felt. She told me that when Meatball gets better, we would look for a good family for him. So he was cleaned up a bit and first thing was to have him hydrated.

Very early this morning, the hospital called us to let us know that Meatball had passed away. I really didn't know him but it hurt just the same. And as I looked as his photo today, I shed tears for this little guy, who tried to hang on but was too weak to make it. So to you Meatball, I want to say, I wish I could have known you more...