Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update on Lychee

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. I have been bringing my cats and dog, Honey, to the vets for their annual check ups. Two weeks after finding Lychee, I brought her to the doctor for her follow up check up. She seemed fine and had her shot of ivermectin for her scabies. She had really good progress in such a short period of time. 

After a few days, she lost her appetite and this got us worried as she really enjoys her meal times. She was taken to the doctor right away and her white blood count showed very high infection. Her doctor said it could be the deadly FIP or pyometra. I felt my heart sink at the mention of FIP, this virus took the lives of several beloved cats. She was confined and was under medication. The doctors would give me updates on how she responded to the antibiotics. Her WBC would go down and after a few days would increase again but not to the initial high levels. With the tests and x rays done on her, it was confirmed she had pyometra, which for me was the lesser of the evils. She had surgery, and being the fighter that she is, she was up about after a few days.

Lychee made a lot of friends in the hospital, from the doctors, the nurses and staff to the visitors of the other furballs there, just by being her lively, adorable self. The nurses would tell me that during mealtimes, nothing can distract her concentration. Yes, sounded like she's doing alright! And her doctor mentioned that she seemed to be enjoying her stay. She's only known the streets, so maybe being in a cage while being served food regularly was heaven for her, poor thing.

Aside from healing from her surgery, we still had her scabies to think of. She seemed better but we wanted to be sure as she will be coming home to a household of cats. So after she was given a clean bill of health 24 days later, Lychee finally came home.

As expected, she was greeted by all her new brothers and sisters, which unfortunately and also expectedly she did not take too well.  She's still adjusting right now but we are patiently waiting and excited for her to enjoy her new life.