Thursday, July 21, 2011

Compassion and Responsibility for Animals

In almost every part of the city, homeless cats and dogs can be seen wandering about, looking for food and shelter. Everyday for them is a struggle for survival.

CARA Welfare Phils. - Compassion and Responsibility for Animals is one of the NGO's here which does something to help the plight of these poor creatures. Their advocacy is spaying and neutering animals to help control the population of unwanted cats and dogs through a low cost clinic.  

I first encountered CARA when I had several feral cats who kept on having kittens. The cost of spaying and neutering could be expensive but something had to be done for these street cats. The kittens would be tossed in garbage cans or left alone to die. 

I called CARA to ask about their program and I became quite curious about their activities. I found a group who had the same passion! It was so uplifting to see people go out of their way to help these animals have a better life. Some people thought you were crazy or stupid to spend on an animal that wasn't your own, and a street animal at that. 

CARA is not a shelter because there is no area big enough that would house a number of cats. When a cat is rescued it would be fostered in the home of one of the members until it is big enough and well enough to be adopted out. There would be a regular adoption event, where the cats are brought in, with the hopes that it will go to a loving home. 

Adoption events is the program I volunteer in. I love to see the adoptive parents find their new babies but mostly I do it for the cats :). It is a joy to know that they will be going to their new homes and be part of a family. 

I have also met and have become friends with some wonderful people. We share stories about our pets and tips on caring, food and everything about our furry babies. But it is the love for animals that bind us together. 
Photo courtesy of Marvie Yap
There are times when the situation can be overwhelming, heartbreaking and often frustrating. Knowing that I have a very supportive family, good friends and good people with me is a blessing I am very thankful for. Being with them for a year and a half now, I am amazed at the dedication and patience of each volunteer. Every life is precious and every life counts!

If you want to learn more about CARA, please visit their website at



  1. Both CARA and you are wonderful inspiration.

    I've just been sitting in the garden with my pride and it's heart wrenching just to think of them hungry, with nobody caring for them. I consider myself very lucky to have been brainwashed into being their personal assistant. ;-)

  2. Thank you Les! I also cannot imagine my crew out there fending for themselves.

    And they are lucky, too, to have you cater to their every whim ;)