Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas Presents

Except for the babies, Bitty is the only cat I have who is not neutered. Since he is blind, I am extra paranoid about having him separated from familiar surroundings. He also gets stressed out when he is held by strangers. The only time I was forced to leave him at the hospital was the time he was ill and dehydrated. He would hiss at the nurses and they would be afraid to go near him. Incidentally, I became the mayor of Animal House in Foursquare because of the amount of time I spent there, falling asleep with Bitty on my lap so that he won't be too agitated. Anyway, now that he is 11 years old I am not comfortable with him undergoing any surgery unless it is imperative.

Late last year, Cupcake, one of my female cats came into heat. She had to undergo blood tests and then be scheduled for spaying. She's quite small, so we didn't think she'd be in heat so soon. Bitty and Cupcake didn't interact, with Bitty being the snob that he is. And I was also thinking, he's blind, chances of him getting her pregnant were small. Well, I will never underestimate you again, Bitty!

We welcomed 3 beautiful babies last January 5, 2011. I was at work when my Mom called and told me "You have to get home right away, Cupcake's about to give birth".  I was so excited to see Bitty and Cupcake's babies. When I got home, Bitty's miniature version was already born. During the intervals, we got clean cloths, a bigger box for Cupcake, some sterilized scissors and a small dropper. Cupcake didn't have any problems with the two other babies, but the fourth one was breeched. She must have been exhausted at this point so we had to rush to the hospital. Sadly the fourth one didn't make it.

We named them Toffeenut, Peppermint and Macchiato. They are all boys and all welcome addition. As they are growing up each are showing their distinct characteristic, Toffeenut is the wild child, Peppermint is the sweet-always-in your face-kitten and Macchiato is the big and quiet type.

Cupcake has been spayed after the 3 kittens were weaned. But her mother instincts are still there, the other cats better beware when they play rough with her babies. Mommy Cupcake just comes out of nowhere to defend her babies even if they are bigger than her now.

It is a delight to watch these three kittens grow up. Whenever I get home, seeing all of them happy and healthy just makes it all worthwhile :).

Toffeenut aka Bitty Junior


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