Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger

Today started out as any other day, drove to work and went out to visit clients. On a busy street, I went to the innermost lane to take a u-turn when my attention was caught by a black cat. It wasn't on the island but was on the street, a few inches away from the tires of incoming traffic. It was just sitting there but I could see it was panting. Instinct made me slow down, I wanted to go out of the car but there were other cars behind me and so I had to drive by. My conscience could not let me just drive away and do nothing. I felt something was terribly wrong. It wasn't a kitten that I could just place in a shoe box but a fully grown cat and I didn't have a carrier in the car. So I asked my colleague (who was going to meetings with me) if she'd mind if we looked for a store who sold pet supplies. This was of course, made out of courtesy because we were not leaving that area without looking out for the cat.

There was a big grocery nearby but they didn't sell pet carriers, it was frustrating because as time went by the cat was on the street. We asked for an empty box from the store and the good people there, after hearing that it was for a distressed cat, helped us out, they even punched holes on the sides and secured the box.

When we went out, traffic was slowing down but there were a lot of trucks. So we navigated carefully, going to the innermost lane. The cat was still there but it was on it's back and convulsing. That really got me worried. I went out quickly while my friend waited in the car with tape to close the top. People were kind as they did not blow their horns even if I was slowing down traffic. I approached her and carefully picked her up. I couldn't see any wounds on her but I couldn't just stay there to inspect her. She raised her head to look at me, she had beautiful, round, green eyes. She let out a series of meows and allowed me to place her in the box.

After securing her in the car, we went to find the nearest vet clinic. All the while, my friend and I were making plans on what to do as we had several meetings lined for the day. She was quiet but moved against the box a couple of times, we weren't sure if she was convulsing again so we hurried for a clinic. At that point, any vet clinic would do, not knowing the severity of her condition.

When we found one, the vet quickly examined her. I was certain she was a girl, and after filling out the form I informed them that I was still thinking of a name that would suit her. The doctor said she was run over by a car, based on the marks and wound on her side made by the impact of hitting the pavement. At this point, she started fighting back against the hands which were helping her. We calmed her down and I stroked her head while the doctor continued checking on her injuries. She started to urinate and defacate blood and the doctor gave her a shot meant to revive her. I whispered to her "you'll be okay, just hang in there" but I could see in her eyes that she was gone.

I don't know how to describe how I feel right now. I only knew her for a short time but my heart feels so heavy. And sadly, this happens often to so many homeless cats. I just try to console myself by thinking that she did not die alone and tears were shed in her passing.

photo courtesy of Cyra R. Cancel 


  1. You are such a good soul, Gerry. Thank you from all the cats in the world for your wonderful heart and eternal kindness. x

  2. Oh how sad! Every time I see a dead animal on the road I say a little prayer for it, but cats really touch me more than any other. For them I weep. I wish there were more people in the world like you who would go out of their way to help an injured animal. Thanks for being so caring.

  3. Thank you Les :). I wish for a better life for them. I am truly grateful for your encouragement.

  4. Hi Virginia. It is so sad to see an animal injured and in need. My heart breaks for them. Thank you for empathizing.

  5. I cry with you Gerry :'( I know it's heartbreaking. But I'd like to put it this way - you were a blessing to her, that before she closed her eyes, she was cared for and loved by a human - even for a brief moment.

  6. Thank you Marvie! I know you've experienced this, too. Hope to see you soon!