Sunday, July 3, 2011

A New Life for 2 Former Stray Kittens

When people ask me the breed of my cats, I proudly tell them domestic shorthair. It's not that I have anything against purebreeds, in fact, I love cats of all shapes, sizes, purebred or not. It's just that there are so many homeless native cats (as they are called here) struggling to survive in the streets.

We have numerous stray cats coming to the house for meals and every so often there will be a kitten who will pop up looking for food and shelter. It is so sad to see them looking from the outside where all my fat cats are playing or just lounging around. And it is so difficult to have cats adopted out. People usually prefer dogs or those with breeds. 

Bee was such a kitten, nobody knew where he came from. He was very friendly and it wasn't hard to fall in love with the little guy. I was constantly worried about him especially when I heard cars coming at high speeds. He wouldn't last out there. We took him in but had to separate him because of skin problems. Before long he was healthy and clean. At that time, my sister's friend was looking for a cat to adopt. We got in touch with them and Bee was welcomed into his new home.
Not long after, on the way home from work, there was a little orange kitten lying on the road. I thought it was dead and I went out of the car to place it on the side as it didn't seem right for the body to get run over into bits. To my surprise, it let out a meow and looked at me when I picked it up. So when I got home, I had this smile on my face and my Mom said "let me guess, you brought home a cat". A few minutes later, she was bottle feeding the kitten.

As a rule, we separate new found kittens or cats from the rest of the brood for health reasons. She stayed in my brother's room, which has now become sort of a nursery. He named her Jelly, short for Jellyfish.

She was so tiny, but very curious and adventurous. At this time, we were told that there was someone looking for a kitten as a companion. But since she was so small and still bottle feeding, we asked them to wait for a bit longer. By the time she was big enough, the person had already adopted a kitten. It was okay with us as it was a chance for the stray kitten for a good home. And then I ran into the couple who adopted Bee. They were looking for another kitten who would be his companion. In the next few days, Jelly was in her new home and best of all, she was with Bee.

I still miss those two, but I am happy for them and very grateful because I know the people who adopted them will give them the love and care they need.


  1. I love your site! I too, have been rescuing cats my whole life. Keep up the messages! Would love to have you visit my FB tkmillin and one of my blogs,!

  2. so happy to see updates in this blog! This is where we first met hehehe! Always love reading cat updates from you. Nishi says hi :)

  3. Thank you T.K.! That is so good to know, I have a soft spot for cats AND cat lovers ;). I sent a friend request in FB and I thoroughly enjoyed The Locket. Will definitely be reading more!

  4. Hi Marvie and thank you! I'll be updating more often :P. With so many cats in my life, there's always a story to be told. We never run out of stories to share when we see each other in the adoptions events hehe. Hello to Nishi, Patrick, Lotto and birthday girl Sylvia! Hope to see you soon!!