Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Long Battle Ahead for Potato

Last Sunday, October 30, my Mom informed me that a cat outside had been run over and he was still alive. When I went out to check, there was an orange and white cat laying on the side of the road.  I could see a part of his thigh was very dirty. We brought him to the hospital and his x-ray showed several bones were broken in his hip area. The vet asked me what my plans were, because the cat was a stray. He said that if organs were damaged, he would have no more quality of life and if that would happen I would have to think of putting him down. I discussed with him that we will see first how he will respond to medication and go on from there.

I could understand his concern. I know he wanted me to be ready in case Potato doesn't pull through. But in our experience, strays have very strong fighting spirits and wills to survive. My brother Anton was with me and he was worried about the cat after he heard our conversation. We talked while the cat, who we named Potato, was being cleaned and placed with IV. Out cat, Popoy was beaten and also had hip fractures but is thriving now and has surpassed Pacquito in terms of being the house heavy weight. But the greatest example we have of a cat's will to live was our late Wild Cat. He was a tough cat when he first showed up and looked like a meanie. He came around during meal times until eventually we were able to pet him. His face was run over by one of the neighbors and his chin was cracked in the middle. His tongue was turning black and hanging. He already reeked of rotting flesh when he came to us one morning. But he recovered and lived for several more years, succumbing to kidney failure in his old age. This battle scarred tough guy let me hold him in my arms and even let me kiss him on the head during his last days.

Potato was discharged yesterday and is now recovering at home. He has to take a lot of medication and since he didn't want to eat this morning, had to be force fed. He still cannot stand up. We are waiting for  advice from the hospital's orthopedic surgeon if he needs to undergo surgery. In the meantime, we have to build up his strength.

Potato's doggy bag of medicine
His first night at home
It's still a long battle for Potato, but as long as he's not giving up, we're not giving up on him either.


  1. You're very kind to take care of this kitty!

  2. Hello Meowie,

    So sorry to hear about Potato's accident, but I'm so happy to know you'll keep doing what you can for him!

    I encountered a stray cat who'd been run over by a bike or car (never found out) about 6 years ago. She was just lying by the roadside, occasionally meowing for help and laying her head down in despair. My family and I picked her up and went to the vet. We consulted about 2-3 vets, actually, and the most optimistic one who didn't 'advise' us to consider putting the darling down said it wasn't in pain any more, but was half paralysed and probably could live for a year after succumbing to renal or liver failure.

    Gabby has been with us for 6 years. She's a darling who fights to live. They all do. Unless they choose to give up and stop eating. (Potato might need more coaxing initially because it's the 'shock & misery' period. He'll feel safe soon and start eating again.)

    For half-paralysed cats, they would need help expressing pee and poop everyday. And they might get occasional diarrhoeas. But otherwise, with constant massages and lots of love, they can live out their lifespan. I tell Gabby to enjoy the sun, the rain, and every plate of tuna she gets. One plate of tuna at a time. =)

    I'm happy that Potato found you!


  3. Wow you have a very special place in heaven set aside just for you, and I'm sure filled with happy and healthy kitties and doggies. We hope the best for Potato. Today I found an abandoned kitten, it weighs 9oz. Looking for a home for it due to I already have seven. Good luck with your new friend.

  4. Hi Terri, Potato's a sweetheart and happy that he is doing well now. Thanks for taking the time to read about his story. :)

  5. Hi Claudine,

    I really appreciate the advise. Potato has regained his appetite, yay! He is also pooping regularly but is still has problems controlling his urination. He tries to get up, which is a good sign for us. We had a second opinion and he was recommended 1 month bed rest and afterwards he will undergo therapy.

    Potato is a darling cat, if we can't find someone who will adopt him when he's all better, he has a forever home with us. He's more than welcome:)

    Love to hear about Gabby. If you don't mind posting her pic, would really like to get to know her too.

  6. Hi T.K.! That is so sweet of you to say. Always glad to hear from you. :)

    And I hope that you find a loving home soon for the little kitten. Good thing you found him, now he has a chance for a good life.