Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today wasn't such a great day, I was feeling physically ill and tired which led to being emotionally drained and moody. I had meetings from morning until evening and I just wanted to crawl in my bed or maybe just go to the moon.

At the end of the day I passed by a drugstore and got more underpads for Potato. As I carried my bundle, I could picture his sweet face in my mind. He was at home waiting for me and depending on us to take care of him. I could only imagine what he was going through as his life was suddenly disrupted the day he was run over. From running around and doing what he pleased to becoming paralyzed and dependent on humans. He can't even stand up to use a litter box and now he has to wear an e-collar so he wouldn't be able to lick his wounds. And all this time, he was still a very gentle soul, not attempting to scratch or bite us even if we force him to eat (at the start) or give him his long list of medication. He would growl when we clean his wounds and change his underpads but other than that there are no signs of aggression.

Potato's stock of underpads

So, thank you Potato for being such a great example of patience, gentleness and forberance.  We learn a lot from you.


  1. Wishing a quick recovery for Potato.. Yes we do learn a lot from our feline family. He is blessed to have you and mommy take care of him.

  2. Hi Gerry! Are the vets still waiting for recovery before they can give better judgement what to do after with Potato? Hope to see you this weekend :)

  3. Thanks Ate Misty, when you come back for your vacation he'll be walking and greeting you ;)

  4. Hi Marvie! He was in the hospital for cleaning of wounds. He's going back tomorrow to see his regular vet so she can assess what to do with his therapy. See you later!