Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Brave Dog Named Jabbar

I first learned about Jabbar through the FB post of CARA Welfare Philippines and and his progress through the correspondence between CARA volunteers. As with others, I felt so bad for the poor boy, having to suffer 3 years in his condition. He was attacked by drunkards who wanted to make him their meal. He was fortunate to escape but the damage had been done. His caregivers did the best that they could, with having no extra income for his treatment.

It is so touching to see people respond and help for his treatment, even people from other parts of the world who would probably never see or meet him. Folks would visit him in the hospital to give comfort and lift his spirit.

Biopsy results came out and Jabbar has cancer. I went to see him tonight. My heart felt like it was being twisted when I saw him in person. He was so quiet. The doctor said he had chemotherapy and this was one of the effects. As I sat there, I quietly talked to him, hoping that he will remember me, and that he knows that he is loved by many.

Jabbar, like many others, is a victim of cruelty. I hear so many horror stories and see the gruesome pictures. I hate it when I see that some poor soul has to be put down because he was unfortunate enough to be unwanted. And yet, it is important to have our eyes open to know what is happening around us.  And more importantly, to do something about it.

Jabbar was supposed to be released tomorrow to be cared for by a CARA volunteer. He will need to stay in the hospital to regain his strength after his chemotherapy. His will to live is strong and he is happy when people visit and spend time with him.

If you would like to help or know more about CARA Welfare Phils., please visit their website

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