Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gone But Never Forgotten

A friend of mine recently lost her beloved cat. Although I didn't know her cat, Piki, personally their bond could be felt from her stories and their pictures. She is in pain and I can't help but share it with her.

Through the years, we have lost precious cats who are not just pets but members of the family. We have been with them as they were growing up and they were like our children.

The length of time they were with us does not matter, the impact of their lives in ours is still strong.

I can still vividly recall the first time I saw each and every one of them. I carry them in my heart always.
Sushi & Sake
Baba Ganush & Falafel
And together with Mudpie, Pumpkin, Snickers, Fudgy, Wildcat, Nina and all the street kitties we took care of and have grown to love, we will always miss you. Thank you for being an important part of our lives <3.

"Losing a cat is no less painful than losing any other cherished friend. You miss their presence, their voice, their affection, the way they made you laugh. But as with any lost loved one, their presence will live on in the memories and love you carry with you". Louise Roberts


  1. A very touching post. The bond between a cat and their cat parent is beyond words. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's loss, and I too know and share their pain.

  2. This is such a heart warming post. We were touched by them and will never forget the unconditional love that they have given us.

  3. My dear Gerry, I appreciate your friendship from my heart.
    Dear T.K. Millin,Thank you for your warm message.
    Piki, Menme, Mii, and more my beloved cats which were with me are staying in peaceful place now, and playing with your beloved cats, I believe.

  4. Thank you T.K., I agree with you whole heartedly.

  5. Thank you Ate Misty, we carry their memories with us. When I think of their antics I can't help but smile and miss them all the more.

  6. I appreciate your friendship,too, Akiko. And now our kitties are friends as well and playing together at the Rainbow Bridge.