Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Miss You Mallows

Mallows came into our lives one day and then left just as quickly. But during this short time, a precious bond was formed between us.

She passed away last January 12 at 12:30 AM. It was so sudden, one day she was doing fine and the next she was gone. She was diagnosed to have acute renal failure. She was vomiting and I brought her to the hospital. They couldn't see anything wrong with her except that she had gas. The next day she wouldn't eat and had grown weak. She was brought back to the hospital and when she was checked, she was already dehydrated and her temperature had dropped. We had her admitted and she was put on IV fluids. In the wee hours of the morning she was gone.

Mallows was a sweet and quiet cat. I have so many good memories of her. She left behind four beautiful kittens. I am happy that I have a part of her with us but I also feed bad when I think that they no longer have their mom. Mallows was such a loving mother. She took care of her babies well. I think they miss her as just today one of her kittens was trying to nurse from Chester, one of our male cats.

We may have had a short time together but I will always treasure these times and though it hurts that she is no longer here, I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Hi Gerry
    What a lovely girl Mallow was. Im so glad you have her babies still..and amazing they all look like her in the photo. Love the photo closeup of Mallow and her baby. Makes me feel sad to know that one of her babies are going to Chester for feeding..perhaps Chester will become like a parent to the babies..even though he is a male.
    It is so difficult when our pets leave so quickly..and we have no control over that. As you mentioned one day with you and the next day gone...i try to cherish my pets as much as possible..and it never seems enough..but i try to remember what they brought into my life and would not have it any other way..even if their time with me is short. You and Misty do a great job caring for so many animals..and im quite sure that Mallow knows you will continue to care for her babies in memory of her.
    Hugs to all of you and the fur babies

    Love the photos of very elegant.

  2. Thank you Lynda.

    The kittens are always close by, seeking attention. They were playing in my room last night and the smallest, Jelly Bean slept beside me. The older cats are also taking turns grooming the 4.

    I still expect to see Mallows sleeping in her favorite spots or lying on the corner of my bed. I miss her so much.