Friday, January 8, 2010


Chester is probably one of the nicest cats I've ever met. Good thing he's living with us. He is a brown tabby and now also a fat cat. His favorite activity is sleeping but he also likes to play with his toys now and then. He's the first cat we adopted from the streets who was already full grown as we always make it a point to adopt when they are kittens so as not to cause problems with the other adults in the house. He's like a puppy, he answers and comes to us when we call him - and I mean EVERYTIME we call him. Even a nod of the head will suffice for him, he'll come answering. He also knows how to follow directions, when he was still living outside, he would accompany us to the store and when we'd tell him to wait, he will wait and we would go home together. He's now an indoor kitty and safer inside the house.

However, last December 30, he decided to sleep in a basket which was a container for some Christmas giveaways. I don't know what happened but the basket fell with him still inside. He couldn't put weight on his right hind leg. He had an x-ray and fortunately he didn't break any bone. He was given pain killers and my Mom massages his leg every so often. He's doing better now, just saw him sleeping in the clothes hamper earlier. I learned a lesson never to leave baskets where they can reach them and where they might fall.

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