Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mallow's babies

Last end September, Mallows went missing. We looked all over but could not find her. Then after 2 days she came home with bite marks on her nape. Sure enough, she showed signs of pregnancy after a few weeks. Last October 2, she gave birth to 4 kittens. Her water broke a few days before. She started giving birth in the early morning hours. My brother and I were there to see to her comfort, sooth her and cut the cords, remove them from the birth sacs and keep the kittens warm. It seemed that she was new to this birthing business. The last kitten was breech but after a few tries and persuasion she was able to push him out.
We named them Mochi, Uni, Jelly Bean and Chili. They are nearly 1kg each now but still run to Mommy Mallows when they want to nurse. She is such a good Mom to them. Some afternoons, I would see them playing with their Mom or Mallows cleaning them. And Mallows was never aggressive with us nor with the other cats. Good work Mallows!

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