Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ones Who Started It All

These are my two "senior citizens", Bitty and Peanut Butter. Bitty's 9 years old and Peanut is turning 8 this December. I remember the days I first saw them vividly. Just like humans, we have to be extra conscious of their needs. As it is, they have special needs at present that we attend to.

Bitty was born without sight, his eyes are like two black buttons, which make him look like a teddy bear. He has also been diagnosed to have the beginnings of arthritis, although, thankfully, he has not shown any indication that it is bothering him. I try to encourage him to exercise as his activity consists mainly of sleeping. I have scratch marks and bite marks on my hand from our play yesterday. It's a treat to watch him play. We watch his diet and he weighs around 3.5kg which his veterinarian said is okay for him.

Peanut Butter is very sensitive to certain types of food and food brands. He develops skin rashes when he ingests these, he has sores which looks to be very itchy and uncomfortable. His favorite activity is also sleeping and he is a whopping 5.5kg.

From these two lovely boys, they are now 15 in total. And we have learned from these two on how to care for them and the differences in their behaviors and characteristics. And we are still learning now on how to properly care for them in these prime years. As I am writing this, I am stranded in the office while they are home with my family. It is raining hard and flood waters have entered our house. I miss them and pray that everyone and everything will be alright.


  1. Aww....what precious cats you have! It's really great to hear of people who care for and love cats with special needs. I am a cat lover, and enjoyed reading on your site today! :)

  2. Thank you Josanne, so sorry for the very late reply. I'm very happy that you enjoyed reading!