Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have to admit, of all my cats, I spoil Bitty the most. A friend told me that they had a blind stray kitten. When I saw him, I felt so sorry for him, he was a scrawny, tiny thing who couldn't keep up with his mother. That was more than 8 years ago.

I didn't know much about caring for cats then, let alone one with a disability. I didn't even know what ear mites were. We had to get a litter box, pooper scooper, the right type of litter. I also got him a cat bed but he likes my bed better. Then there was the right type of food, the shots he had to take, the vitamins.... I was also scared to leave him alone because he might fall or hurt himself.

But he was able to adjust quickly. Funny thing about Bitty is that he only seems to favor me. He doesn't like other family members to carry or touch him. He sleeps only in my room and seems to like only me. We have a ritual in the morning. After he eats (his food is brought to our room), I bring him downstairs to use the litter box. When I talk to him, he answers back and at night he doesn't like me making any noise when he's sleeping. That's Bitty for you, my spoiled little brat.

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