Friday, August 19, 2011

Street Cats No More - Coco and Butterscotch

It is a never ending cycle, people throwing away kittens because they don't want to deal with them. These are such helpless creatures, sometimes just a few days old, with no chance of surviving alone.

This is the case with 2 tiny kittens my Mom found in a large garbage can. Good thing she saw them in time, before they fell to the bottom of the garbage.

One was male and the other female and they still needed to be bottle fed. Sadly, the male kitten passed away. The female, who now answers to the name Coco is doing well. At first, it was touch and go, she didn't want to take anything.

Then one day, along came this orange and white kitten who kept on meowing in the street. We don't know if he got lost or if somebody intentionally placed him there. It seems he liked living on the wild side, he liked sleeping in the middle of the street. So in he goes, together with Coco. We call him Butterscotch. He has sad, droopy eyes and a very sweet disposition. Coco, the smaller one, likes to bully him and he just lets her. However, when she gets a little too rough, he stands his ground and Coco quiets down.

It's always a joy to watch kittens with all their antics. During playtime, Butterscotch would have fun exploring but Coco seems intent on just going after him, looking for attention. It's funny to watch him trying to get away from her. She's come a long way from that tiny, frightened and dirty kitten.

During their vet visit last week, we were expecting just a normal ride to the hospital. But Coco decided to poop on the way so the two were given a bath when we got there. Made us a little dizzy, too. When the staff was trying to get them dry I could see the bottles on the table flying everywhere, it was so funny.

When they are ready, we hope to have them adopted but as a pair. They have grown too attached to each other and it would be too stressful for them to be apart. This is the hard part, growing attached to them as well. But if a good home can be found for them, where they will be loved and cared for, then it would mean more space and resources for us to help other cats who are struggling out there. One thing is for sure, they will never be back in the streets again.


  1. I feel the same way when I send my rescued ones for adoption. I'm always worried about the life ahead of them, when they are no longer cute kittens - will the people who adopted them will love them still? I'm thankful so far that everyone who adopted our rescues are real animal lovers. It gives me a certain peace of mind that these cats that i loved and cared for are in good hands for the rest of their lives.

    It's also true, if we don't give them up, we won't be able to help more. My only prayer is to be able to constantly find reliable and responsible families for these rescues that will never abandon or take them for granted for the rest of their lives.

    We need to be rich Gerry, buy a hacienda, and make a cat empire! LOL!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, we need a big land where they will be safe and happy.

    I feel so blessed with friends such as you and Mark!