Friday, August 13, 2010


I received an email about 2 kittens near my office who were in danger of getting run over. When I went to the post office near our area to look for them it was raining and some guys were kind enough to look for them in the elevated garden where somebody had placed them. They were placed in the box I took with me. When I got home, I took them out and found two very cute and very sweet kittens. We called the male gray tabby Falafel and the tricolored female Baba Ganush.

They were a joy to have and we had grown to love them in the short time we knew them.
A few weeks ago, the two had suddenly grown lethargic and were hot to the touch. They were both running a fever over 40C. They were anemic and were hospitalized for a week. When they were discharged they were back to their normal, boisterous selves. It was a good thing they were sent home as Falafel would poke the butt of the patient dog in the adjacent cage. When I would visit and open their cages, they would come flying out, they were so funny.

Last Tuesday, Falafel vomited and wouldn't eat the whole day. He was brought back to the hospital. I couldn't get off work early and had missed my little baby. I was thinking I'll visit him tomorrow and spend a longer time so we could bond. Little did I know that he would be gone. I received the dreaded message from the hospital at 3AM.

The vet suggested we segregate Baba for two weeks as it may be corona virus, which is in the same family of that hateful disease FIP. FIP killed 7 of my cats a few years back one after the other. It's a nightmare I hope never to experience again. Poor Baba, confused and angry at being separated, won't eat and would just cry. My Mom force fed her today. She plays when she thinks nobody is watching.We have disinfected all the litter boxes and beddings just to be sure.

She may be wondering why Falafel is nowhere to be seen. The last time they were together, when Falafel was sick, she lay beside him and hugged him while they slept. I miss Falafel and feel bad for Baba. I hope and pray too that all my kitties inside the house will be spared of any infection. They are all taking vitamin C to boost their immune system.
Goodbye, my dear little Falafel, I had hoped to see you grow into a handsome young cat. We'll take care of Baba Ganush, don't you worry.


  1. oh no..did the vet have to put Falafel down??? i'm so upset..i don't know how you survived losing 7 of them. oh bless you for what you do. xo

  2. Falafel died in his sleep. Sadly, Baba followed the week after. After this, Maxx and Godiva also got sick but thankfully made a full recovery.