Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on Mallows

I'm happy to say that Mallows is doing well and her mange has disappeared. She is a beautiful cat, her fur is so soft and her pretty face has emerged. She is so sweet and good natured. Last week I found a wound on her left cheek from her scratching. Then other wounds started showing up and paranoid as I am, I thought the mange had returned. After her check up, it appears she has fungus. They had to shave the affected areas and put medication. She just sat there for around 30 minutes as she was being shaved, good girl that she is. At least, it's not as bad as mange. I put Betadine on the shaved areas everyday and the wounds have dried up. She's also wearing a collar, we got a pink one for her so that she won't scratch and open the wounds again. Medication time is also playtime so she gets to roll around and be a norml cat. She's still segregated until she's completely healed. Then she'll get her shots and I can finally bring her in with the others. When she goes out of her cage, she crawls around first, I just bet she'd like to take off the collar. I hope to place pictures of her next time. The first doctor who saw her didn't recognize her anymore.

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