Friday, March 20, 2009


Milkshake was left at the back of a pickup under the noon sun. Good thing she had strong lungs as I heard her several cars away as soon as I got down from mine. I kept looking for where the sound came from. I couldn't believe anyone would have left her there. I was about to have lunch and couldn't bring her inside the establishment. I couldn't eat, all I could think about was that she was in a parking lot. When I came out, she came running to me. Good thing too that I have a lot of shoe boxes in the car. I placed a lot of holes on one and placed her inside.

Milkshake is the type of cat you don't scold, she tends to hold it against you. She's also one of my kitties who sleeps in my room. Milky loves to play but she doesn't like strangers.

She's in my room right now with Bitty and Dumpling. When I checked on them earlier, they were all sleeping on top of the bed. Thank goodness for double beds.

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